Chris Carter

Faculty/Staff Group: 
  • Years In Education:  This will be my 18th year at Mt. Loafer
  • Favorite TV Program:  The Voice
  • Favorite Book: I enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks Books
  • Why I Teach:  I enjoy associating with students and faculty
  • Hidden Talent:  I am great at being a grandma, but I'm not a great grandma!
  • Alma Mater
  • Hometown:  Payson
  • Hobbies:  I enjoy reading, decorating, watching baseball and traveling.
  • Favorite Food:  seafood
  • Favorite Musician:  Gary Allen
  • Favorite Author:  Nicholas Sparks
  • Who I look up to: My parents, my husband and my children.
  • Favorite Get Away:  Some Beach.... Some where!