Lisa Draper

Faculty/Staff Group: 
  • Years in education:  I have taught Special Ed PreK and Kindergarten for 8 years.
  • Favorite TV Show:  The Voice
  • Favorite Book:  The Street Lawyer by Grisham
  • Why I Teach:  I love watching my students have those "ah-ha" moments when they finally grasp a concept and are so proud of their accomplishments.  I also love getting notes from my Kindergarten kids.
  • Hidden Talent:  I am a travel bargain guru-all my friends and family rely on me to find awesome travel deals!
  • Alma Mater:  BYU
  • Hometown:  Salem
  • Hobbies:  Scrap booking, traveling, soccer mom and coach
  • Favorite Food: Mexican
  • Favorite Author: David Baldacchi
  • Who I look up to:  My parents; they have taught me that I can do very hard things and do them well.
  • Favorite Get Away:  A beach in the Bahamas