November 2015

Science Is Awesome!!


Clark Planetarium dazzled Mt. Loafer students with cool science facts and demonstrations.  Scientists taught students about air pressure, speed, convection, heat, and chemicals that burn different colors.  Thank you Clark Planetarium!

Experts Share Knowledge About Counties in Utah

Asking a fourth grade expert what is the coolest thing about the county they researched was a great way to learn interesting facts about Utah!  Students have learned about counties as they have worked on a mapping unit, wrote reports at school, and learned to research on the internet and create a google slide presentation.  Parents also joined in the learning by helping students create a display about their county.  What do you call a day where parents come and ask students what they have learned and look at a display of their work?

Keep the Villians Out of the Water Supply

There are 'villians' that can ruin our local supply of drinking water!  However, the good news is we can beat them if we are smart.  Jenny Devlin, from Utah Storm Water Coalition taught Mt. Loafers students ways they can stop the villians from ruining our local water supply.  Each student went home with a raindrop, workbook, and pencil to help them remember the importance of being a responsible 'water' citizen!  Thank you Mrs. Devlin!

Convince Me!


First Grade is learning about persuasive writing.  What do you think Mrs. Killian will say?

Art Education Matters!


Study of fine arts educates the whole child.  Here are the Mt. Loafer 6th grade teacher learning from Claudia Jex, Nebo School District Elementary Art Specialist, how to integrate arts within the learning environment and curriculum. 

We Honor Utah Veterans


Mt. Loafer students deepened their appreciation for all those who have served in the military for the cause of freedom.  Thank to the Veterans who made this a memorable day for us!