February 2016

What Book Should I Read?


If you want to find out about great books, come to MR. APPLEGATE'S 5TH GRADE BOOK MUSEUM!  Student's have created fantastic projects that will have you running to the library to check out that great book to read for yourself!

Disney Inspires Great Behavior!


"This helps us to have awesome behavior', said 6th grade student Kameryn Hayes.  Miss Harris' class worked as teams to create their Disney Team Banner.  All month long students earned points by exhibiting great learning behaviors.  Today they enjoyed Disney day and all month long they have enjoyed great classroom behavior.  Miss Harris is very loved at Mt. Loafer!

Mrs. Jodi McKee-Mt. Loafer Teacher of the Year!


Mrs. McKee is an amazing facilitator, math and science teacher!  She mentors teachers, directs the students council and every day her classroom is full of learning, involvement, inquiry and fun!  Kids love math and science when taught by her. 

She does everything she can to stay current and to be the most knowledgeable she can be.  She takes classes and reads constantly.  The district and state use her frequently to inservice and/or mentor teachers.

Candy Grams Spread Joy In Many Ways!

Did you know that money earned from candygram sales are donated to someone in need in our area!  Mt. Loafer students are given the opportunity to feel the joy of truly helping others.  In addition to money donated to a great cause, students have a chance to let people around them know they like them.  Students have been challenged to look and find people they think would really love to get a candygram.....the focus is on the giving.  This tradition of service began with our wonderful 5th grade teachers years ago.  Every year since, they have continued with this service.

Amazing January Students of the Month!

Students who were awesome during the month of January were: Rebecca Buhler, Myra Wrightm Boden Beutler, Mallie Haskell, Kien Grover, Zoe Biggs, Keylee Cloward, Luke Hopkins, Idalie Elton, Gage Beutler, Barrett Magoffin, Hope Gasser, Camie Hopkins, Francisco Howes, Maddox Bishop, Hailey Nelson, Trey Mitchell,Kaiden Howell, Monica Garcia, Jaden Evans, Sydnie Losser, Elerie Hutchinson, Allison Tuckett, Olivia Johnson, Sophia Clark, Bridger Saunders, Korissa Teeples, Nelson Barrett, Katie Swensen, Sami Pfaff, Breanna Johnson, Hailey wilkinson, Brennen Bailey, Ashton Fussleman, Stephen Strong, B