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Caught Ya Doin' Good!

Submitted by angela.killian on Thu, 01/08/2015 - 18:36
Principal 200 Club Ice Cream Party!

Mt. Loafer teachers like to "catch" their students doing good things...following school rules, practicing the Mt. Loafer life skills, using safe behaviors, making a good effort, just helping create a fun, safe school!

When a student is "caught" doing good, they get sent to the principal's office.  Oh, that's bad!...No, that's great!  When the student gets caught doing good the teacher hands the student a principal 200 celebrity coupon.  The student takes the coupon to the office, signs the celebrity book, gets an enthusiastic high 5 from any of the office staff, draws a number tile, goes to the Principal 200 board, writes their name in the corresponding numbered box, and gets a phone call home reporting the great news.  

Once the 200 squares on the board are filled, ten numbers between 1-200 are drawn and those students are rewarded with an ice cream party.  

Congratulations to: Savannah Roylance, Alydia Haskell, Robert Martinez, Jack Shepherd, Trey Mitchell, Blake Schultz, Kort Stewart, Sarah Nelson, Sydney Losser and Brock Dent, for having their names drawn.  There was plenty of ice cream for all and many giggles shared with Mrs. Killian, Mt. Loafer's principal!

Let's start again!  Are you going to be caught doin' something good?