Congratulations to our 200 Club winning row!


Our winning row of our 200 club were surprised with a Rootbeer Float party today! Congratulations to the following students on being on the lucky row: Josh Datin, Jack Hendry, Karley Bradshaw, Joseph Brinkerhoff, Jacey Rudd, Abby Haskell, Oliver Forsey, Harley Linsday, Emma Lee, Trevor Pollard, Karlee Rudd, Trenton Gillie, Luke Johnson, Sydni Peterson, Gavin Johnson, Andy McKee, Macklie Warenski, Rachel Turner, Slade Davis, Gavin Miner, Holden Cook, Berklee Warenski, Ryker Olsen, Kort Stewart, Marcus Ringger

The board is cleaned and ready to go again, let's see who our next winners will be! Good Luck Grizzlies!