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Submitted by larraine.nelson on Thu, 05/23/2013 - 14:20
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Walk so Carefully!
Bouncing Fun
Fun Field Day
Happy Hoola-Hooping!
Give it a Throw!
Great Job!
Spray Away!
Run Fast!
Mr. Huffaker tells a Dr. Seuss Story!
Getting Ready to Race!
Lots of wet heads!
Hit the Target!
Down She Slides!
Bounce on Down!
Wet, Wild, and Wonderful!
Here We Go!
Attack the Mother Helpers!
Time for a Rest!
Fun with Friends!
Time to Get Wet!


What a way to spend the day!  Mt. Loafer students rotated from station to station doing fun-filled activities for field day!  The PTO put together activities that correlated with Dr. Seuss books.  They participated in water relays, hoppity-horse races, squirt bottle tag, wet sponge games, and bounced their way through a blow-up obstacle course!  It was a great day for students and we especially want to thank our awesome PTO!