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Mt. Loafer 4th Grade Students Meet Governor Herbert!

Submitted by jodi.mckee on Mon, 11/03/2014 - 22:53
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Meeting Governor Herbert
Learning about the House of Representatives
The Senate Chambers
Sitting in the Supreme Court

Each year Mt. Loafer 4th grade students learn about Utah government.  Today, they were able to see where the branches of government do their work.  Students were able to meet the leader of the executive branch of government, Governor Gary Herbert!  He had fun with the students and asked them to show him a Mt. Loafer grizzly growl, which they gladly did for them.  He also encouraged students to get as much school as they could...the goal being college or trade school.  Next students saw where the legislative branches of our state government meet. And finally they sat in the Supreme court.  Prior to touring the capitol, students visited the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers museum.  They saw the original wagon Brigham Young sat in when he declared his famous words, "This is the right place".