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Mt. Loafer Elementary Parent Newsletter 9/2/20

Submitted by sarah.blackhurst on Tue, 09/01/2020 - 10:02

We are off to another great adventure this week! We appreciate your support and your help as we are all adjusting to this new norm. The students are doing amazingly well and have worked hard to adjust their altitude and believe that with the right mindset, we can CLIMB any mountain. 

United In The CLIMB

Did you hear about the mission and vision? Our school has a mission and vision! We have a guiding document that gives us a direction. Why do we need a direction, you ask?

Your sense of direction is your ability to know roughly where you are, or which way to go, even when you are in an unfamiliar place. If you say that someone has a sense of direction, you mean that they seem to have clear ideas about what they want to do or achieve.

Together, we created a set of clear ideas we all want to practice. It is United in the CLIMB and it guides our decisions, informs our instruction, and challenges us to improve. We continue to emphasize each piece of our vision and hope all of our parents and students will do the same. We are better together when we know where we are going and what we want to do to achieve.

Take a minute and click Next above to open the attached PDF to learn more about our Vision/Mission/Collective Commitments that make Mt. Loafer the amazing school that it is. 


Parents, as we are getting used to following protocol from the Health Department, we want to thank you for having your child wear masks-clean, cloth masks, for sending home lunches in paper sacks that children can throw away, for checking your child each morning to make sure he/she is well, and reminding your child of the school rules.

As a reminder, birthday treats and other food items are allowed, but they must be store-bought and individually wrapped. We cannot have students share with others, treats, lunches, food, etc., such as a box of doughnuts, pizza, cupcakes, that all come in one container.

Please remember that we cannot have any parents walk through the school. We need all parents to come to the office if there is a reason that they need to go to their child's classroom. This includes walking children to class and waiting for them outside the door at the end of the day.

Please make sure that you are following school rules after school!

*If you pick up your child after school along 250 West, make sure that you get out of your car, cross the street and retrieve your child. We cannot legally cross students on 250 West. Do not call him/her to cross in the middle of the road.

*Please pull out along 250 West and DO NOT flip a U-turn to head north.

*You are welcome to park in the parking lot if you will park your car in a stall and get out of your car and wait for your child outside.

*If you have someone new pick up your child from school, PLEASE explain the rules to that person and don't have them wonder where he/she should go or park.

*If there is an empty space in front of you while you are waiting to pick up or drop off your students we also ask that you continue to pull forward, filling the void in space. Please note that the pick up/drop off lane is a single deep lane. The other portion of this lane is for a pull-through only. Do not stop or park in the pull through lane.

*Please do not use the bus lane for pick up or drop off. This lane is designated for buses only, no matter the time of day. 

*Be patient and help us all be safe!

Mt. Loafer Schedule

Just a reminder that school begins at 9:00am each day and ends at 2:30pm. If your children walk or you drop them off, please have them come no earlier than 8:30am. It will help us with student supervision and social distancing. Thank you! 


School T-Shirts, masks and water bottles are coming your way to purchase SOON!  Our amazing PTO leadership is working on getting an online, one-stop shop up and running for all your Grizzly Gear. As soon as that information is available I will send it out to you so you can rep your school spirit all year long! 

Another BIG Thank you to those parents who have signed up to volunteer with our PTO sponsored activities. If you would like to help you can find the sign up genius here:

If you have questions or need assistance regarding PTO items please contact our president Tara Rasmussen. Her email address is:


School Registration Donations

We want to give another shout out and big THANK YOU to all the parents who generously paid your students registration donation this year.  As you may or may not know, these donations are used to fund activities that go above and beyond the regular classroom experiences. If you did not have a chance to pay a donation please know that you can do this at any time. Simply login to your infinite campus account and find the Fees tab. Here you will see an assigned fee of donations. We have asked for a $25 per student donation if you choose to participate. Again, thank you to those families who have supported the efforts of Mt. Loafer Elementary in this matter. 


Upcoming Events

Sept. 7 Labor Day-No School

Sept. 21 ½ day, school released at 12:00pm

Sept. 22 Picture Day

Oct. 2 ALTITUDE Award Recognitions

Oct. 15-16 Fall Break- No School 

Oct. 27 Picture Make-Up Day 

Oct. 29 Term 1 ends- SEP Conferences (ZOOM)

Oct. 30 Comp Day- No School