Sing of Joy

Students in grades 4th-6th presented the annual Christmas program on Friday, December 16th. The music program was entitled "Sing of Joy" and included both traditional and new Christmas songs. The students performed under the direction of our fantastic music teacher, Mrs. Robin Brown!

Bringing History to Life

On December 9th, both of Mt. Loafer's fifth-grade classes explored historical figures of the world by transforming themselves into a live wax museum.

Each student picked a figure from any genre of fame, whether it was a business figure like Steve Jobs or Milton Hershey, a sports star such as Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan or an historical figure like Betsy Ross or Jackie Kennedy.  Each student had to research and write a brief biography to help explain their figure's childhood, their rise to fame, and what they are doing now or when they died.

Mt. Loafer Students of the Month

The student of the month program is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom.  The student of the month is chosen based on character, leadership, and citizenship, not necessarily academics.  The student of the month shows character through his/her compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism, and loyalty in creating a positive school environment.  This award is designed to nominate and select students who promote and take pride in Mt.

Tales of Temples and Tombs

The treasures of Ancient Egypt are the temples and tombs.  They serve as a constant reminder of the power and glory of Ancient Egypt.  Mr. Applegate and Miss Duvall led 6th grade students into exploring all the mystery and magic of the land of the Pharaohs - ancient Egypt and its civilization, customs, and treasures and culminated the unit with a  program full of movement and costumes, and a fun rhyming story. The program was presented to the student body and then again to parents on December 2nd, 2011. Thank you, Mr.

12 Days for Mrs. Rudd

As we all know, Mrs. Rudd will be leaving Mt. Loafer.  I also think we are all familiar with the Christmas song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."  There are twelve verses, each describing a gift given on one of the twelve days of Christmas.

Beginning on December 6th, we have chosen twelve topics that Mrs. Rudd is passionate about.  As a faculty and studentbody, we will spend 12 days focusing on her knowledge, talents and gifts. 

The twelve days for Mrs. Rudd will go as follows:

Grizzly Buck Store

We are at the end of another month, time for the Grizzly Buck Store.  Friday, December 2nd is the store.  Please return all November reading calendars to school prior to Friday.  Each student has the potential of earning three bucks; one for reaching the grade level requirement, an additional buck for each hundred minutes beyond the goal (limit of three).  This month there will be an additional reading reward.  Spanish 8 Cinemas in Spanish Fork, now called "Water Gardens," is offering a movie ticket to each student who reaches his/her monthly reading goal. 

Food Drive Donations go to Tabitha's Way

Mt. Loafer students have spent the month of November collecting food items.  We collected nearly 1,000 lbs. of food.  As a school faculty, we wanted the donations to go to the community we live in.  We were able to contact Wendy Osborne, founder of Tabitha's Way.  Tabitha's Way is a non-profit organization that houses a small food pantry, clothing, and blankets for families, children, and seniors in need living in Spanish Fork, Salem,  Payson, and Santaquin areas.  

We Love You, Mrs. Rudd

Mt. Loafer is preparing to say good-bye to our wonderful principal, Mrs. Alicia Rudd. 

Mrs. Rudd is first and foremost an instructional leader.  She has taken very seriously her role in working with instructional coaches and our teachers to remove barriers and provide needed support to enhance classroom instruction.  She strives to provide a support system for the teachers. 

Grandparents Day a Big Success!

They trudged miles in the rain and snow just to go to school -- little did they know, they would be back.  Grandparents Day was held on Friday, November 18th, and judging by the smiles on the grandparents' faces, it was a big hit.  Grandparents assembled in the auditorium where Mt. Loafer Third Grade students put on a program for their guests. Refreshments were served.   Thank you, Miss Andrews, Mr. Bradley, and Miss Dolman for the hours spent in preparing your students to share this special day with their grandparents!