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Parent and Student Message from the Administration

Submitted by sarah.blackhurst on Tue, 08/18/2020 - 15:18

Dear Parents and Students,


The school has been full of excited people and activity as our staff prepares for the return of students Tomorrow. I wanted to provide you with some last minute information that we feel is important.

To us, one of the most impressive things about Mt. Loafer Elementary is that we Live the Grizzly way. Now, more than ever is the time to stand United in the CLIMB. There are several things we can do to Climb together like reaching out, making new friends, and being kind to one another. In addition, we can unite on the COVID mandates that are allowing us to return to school.

Utah State Guidelines state the following: 

  • If at any time there are 3 people (Students, faculty, or staff) that have current positive tests in one class, the whole class will have to quarantine for 14 days.
  • If at any time 15 people (Students, faculty, or staff) in the school have a current positive test, the whole school will have to quarantine for 14 days.

As part of our Return to School Protocol as directed by state and local government and educational entities, we want to mention a few items that we feel bear repeating.

  1. Wash hands with soap and water often.
  2. Maintain six-foot physical distance between everyone at school. This will be easier with some smaller classes, but the vast majority of the time students will not be able to keep that distance. We will ask students to do their best to keep the six-foot distance when possible.
  3. The best way to deal with the inability to physically distance is for everyone to wear a mask. As a reminder, when parents registered for at school learning, we agreed that everyone would wear a mask. ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR A MASK AT SCHOOL. Masks need to cover the nose and mouth and fit securely around the face. We have a lanyard to clip the cloth mask you provide for each student that will be distributed the first day of school. We are reminding everyone that masks must adhere to the school dress code.
  4. Even though face shields were previously approved, the most recent research shows that they are not nearly as effective as a cloth face mask. We are recommending everyone to wear a cloth face mask when at school or a school-sponsored activity.
  5. Drinking fountains will be turned off except for the water bottle filling in the classroom. We encourage students to carry a water bottle and our PTO has generously purchased every student in our school one. Teachers have these ready to go on their desks for tomorrow. Please wash and help care for these and other water bottles you may send with your students. 

We are in this together and we are confident that things will work out as we go forward, united in our CLIMB. In fact, our theme this year of "Adjust Your Altitude" tells us that "Every Mountain Top is Within Reach if You Just Keep Climbing!"  Let’s make this a great year Grizzlies and climb together! We will see you at 9:00am Tomorrow, August 19th. 

Mrs. Brunson