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PTO Expressions Contest

Submitted by angela.killian on Thu, 11/13/2014 - 16:57
2014-2015 PTO Expression Winners

The PTO Expression program encourages Mt. Loafer students to explore their artistic talents. The program offers students the opportunity to create works of art for fun and recognition. Students are encouraged to submit works of art in six arts areas:

  • Dance
  • Literature
  • 3D Art
  • Photography
  • Visual arts 

Students were challenged to create art inspired by a specific theme.  The 2014-2015 theme is "Unlock the Mystery"

This years winners of the PTO expression contest are: Andy McKee, Alexa Betteridge, Mandi Alldredge, Savanna Young, Marissa Alldredge, Kaylea Freeman, Caselyn Grover, Brooke Bradshaw, Gavin Dent, Allie Porter, Abbie Lee, Jocely Shuler, Heather Gunnerson, Sophia Clark, Gracie Beddoes, Emily Veatch, Max Staheli, Hannah Veatch, Mariah Reynolds, Kate Barton, Anna Marie Barton, Brock Dent, Andrew Heaps, Ashley Faulkner, Clint Veach, Arielle White, Makinley Butterfield, and Aaron Johnson.  Congratulations!

We would like to thank Nyla Alldredge, Cammy Brinkerhoff, and Bonnie Young for serving on the PTO expressons committee.  We appreciate all the hours spent in behalf of Mt. Loafer students!