6th Grade Sports Hero Day

Calleen Spencer

Our Mt. Loafer 6th Graders had the opportunity last week to attend the BYU Sports Hero day. There are 1,000 6th grade students that attended this event from schools across Utah Valley. 

The students participated in various stations put together by almost all of the BYU athletics teams. Each station had an activity that was led by athletes from the respective sport, giving the students the opportunity to interact with their BYU sports heroes.

The last stop for the students was a pep rally run by the BYU cheer squad and Cougarettes.We had fun watching Cosmo's Dunk Team do their awesome tricks.  Following the cheers, a few BYU athletes addressed the crowd: including Basketball/Football player Corbin Kaufusi and Football player Tanner Mangnum. 

They Spoke to the students about the importance of Goal Setting and never giving up. It was a great field trip!

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