Mt. Loafer Kindergarten Receives Nebo Foundation Grant


Mrs. Peterson & Mrs. Draper are thrilled to have received a grant from the Nebo Foundation for additional classroom chromebooks & headphones for their Kindergarteners! 

Mrs. Peterson says: 
“To say that my class and I are excited about this grant would be putting it mildly. We are ecstatic!!!!! As you know we are getting headphones and more chrome books. Many of the programs that we use could not be used with out headphones because all the students are on different levels. We have been trying to get headphones all year long. We are so happy to do Imagine Learning in our own classroom and have the opportunity to be on the chrome books each day. The learning noise in a kindergarten room can be distracting. Now we can stick to the task of our chrome books with the distracting noise of other activities going on. With the additional chrome book,my chrome books can also become a center and give us additional time on the computer. We are so excited to have practice with letters, sounds, building words, reading, addition, subtraction and a lot more! I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!” exclaimed Phyllis Peterson, kindergarten teacher at Mt. Loafer.

Thank you NEBO FOUNDATION for helping Mt. Loafer Elementary give our students experiences they otherwise would not have! We love you!