Parent Conference Sign-Up Links


Welcome to SEP Conferences!    This year we are having you sign up for your child's SEP Conference that will be the same TIME for the whole year! We will send out reminders at each conference. Our SEP Conferences are scheduled for, October 26th, January 11th, and March 15th, all from 3:30-8:30.  

Please go to your child's teacher's name and sign up for the time that you would like.  If you have more than one child, you may sign-up for all their conferences as well. *Please note that Kindergarten teachers will contact you personally to schedule an appointment. Watch for more information coming from them soon. 

Thanks for your support!  We look forward to seeing you at SEP Conferences!

First-Third Grade Sign-Ups:

Fourth-Sixth Grade Sign-Ups:

Mrs. Wilson (UEI) Sign-Ups: