September CLIMBers of the Month


Congratulations to the following students selected as September's CLIMBers of the Month! These Students were chosen because of their excellent academic and citizenship performance. We appreciate each of you demonstrating your abilities to CLIMB at Mt. Loafer.

C- Care for Others: Matix Swensen, Gabe Semadeni, Maggie Veach, Hallee Allred, Hugh Findlay, Sienna Matys, Brooklyn Bruni

L- Look for Opportunities to Serve: Mackinlee Hjorth, Ty Earl, Jonas Cook, Crew Wilcock, Emily Datin, Daxton Cook, Joshua Datin, Kord Larsen

I-Improve our Learning & Behavior: Greyson Winward, Mya Simonsen, Emmitt Shuler, Zoe Biggs, Bryson Gull, Kate Murri, Kaya Weiss, Theo Sackett

M- Make Responsible Choices: Kate Lono, Jaxon West, Bridget Wride, Gideon Wallace, Haven Findlay, Ryler Wilson, Adam Wagner

B- Believe in Myself and Others: Maddie Cox, Callan Page, Kale Sommer, Tate Butterfield, Matthew Fisher, Brooklyn Robbins, Kendall Jenkins