December CLIMBers of the Month


Congratulations to the following students selected as December's CLIMBers of the Month! These Students were chosen because of their excellent academic and citizenship performance. We appreciate each of you demonstrating your abilities to CLIMB at Mt. Loafer.

C- Care for Others: Adam Yancey, Dayde Elton, Adyson Miller, Emily Christean, Brynn Robinson, Mia Johnson, Grae Richardson, Darl Struthers

L- Look for Opportunities to Serve: Maeva Hopkinson, Cooper Trask, Mila Mehlhoff, Haedon Wilson, Lilly Jones, Jocie Neria, Kaiden Howell

I-Improve our Learning & Behavior: Kinley Palmer, Tad Hoover, Matthew Hill, Zander Hutchinson, Kate Barton, Megan Davis, Marcus Ringger, Logan Guerrero

M- Make Responsible Choices: Ian Allen, Adam Cheney, Nick Andersen, Ryker Newton, Barrett Magoffin, Robert Martinez

B- Believe in Myself and Others: Isaac Wilson, Elisabeth Ringger, Kambree Ross, Shyanne Sutton, Boston Sullivan, Hailey Nelson, Maycee Elton, Giselle Martinez