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Weekly Parent Newsletter 3/25/19

Submitted by sarah.blackhurst on Fri, 03/22/2019 - 12:26

Parent Newsletter



*A big THANK YOUfor your generosity with our SPRING FUNDRAISER! Mt. Loafer Parents are AMAZING and we are lucky to have your help in updating technology in our building and classrooms! We will be starting with updating our AV System in our Grizzly Den for all classes to use and then spread the rest of the love among grade levels and classes. 


*This week is Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank you to our PTO for sponsoring this and celebrating our teachers. They will treat our teachers and staff each day with a yummy treat, drink and even lunch! If you would like to give a shout out to your child’s teacher this week please feel free to. If you have other ideas or supports you’d like to share this week please contact Karissa Winward: karissawinward@gmail.comor (702) 538-0226 OR myself 423-2705

*Backpack Food Drive:We have an awesome opportunity to help some of our own Nebo School District Students who may not have access to food on the weekends after they leave the school. On March 28 & 29 we will be collecting food items to take to a local Junior High school to help stock their “backpack club”. This is an optional service opportunity for our students If you would like to participate. We will collect all the food items in the front foyer of the school on these two identified dates and they will be delivered to the local junior high on the afternoon of March 29th, just in time for the Spring Break. Please read the following provided information from the school: The students who will benefit from this program are identified as “homeless”. This means they may have been kicked out by parents and are living with friends, or be living with relatives due to hardship. We have one family who lives with Grandparents because their mobile home just burned down. Some may have just come from Mexico and have no warm clothes or school supplies.  Each kid has a different circumstances. Some of my kids in the Backpack club are not "homeless" but there is just no food in the home. I have one student who takes 4-6 kits each week because that is what he eats when he is home. On Fridays all the kids who receive a kit are called down to the office to grab a food kit. Students will take a kit for themselves as well as sibling if they need it. All of the kids really appreciate the food! Backpack food kits include the following (We make sure it is nonperishable food that the kids can prepare themselves):

2 Dinners:  Ramen, Individual Mac and Cheese, or canned Ravioli, spaghetti, ect  (any combination of 2 is good)

2 Breakfasts:  2 Instant Oatmeal Packs

3 Snacks: 2 granola bars (any kid of bar--like power, fiber one, cliff bars, ect); 1 cracker or cookie pack (like peanut butter crackers or pb&j crackers and cracker & cheese kits)

1 Fruit: Applesauce or fruit cup

1 or more Optional Items such as:


Fruit Roll ups

Trail Mix or dried fruit

Individually wrapped candy or candy bars

We had such a great experience serving kids with our 2-lunch day that we thought we would try for something to help our neighbors. Thanks in advance to those of you who are 

*End of year testing begins the week we return from Spring Break. April 9th will be the beginning of our RISE Testing in grades 3-6.  Teachers will be testing over the course of several weeks.  Your child will not be testing every day, however, it is imperative that he/she is at school, reviewing and/or testing.  If your child is going to be absent during this testing period, please notify your child’s teacher so he/she can make arrangements for alternate days of testing.  First and Second grades will be testing April 23-May 11th, and the Kindergarten Assessment will be May 21-25. 
Be sure to check your teachers emails as well as the school website for information concerning grade level events in April & May. It is a busy time of year and we will do our best to communicate information out to you effectively. 

Upcoming Events:

    • March 25-29 Teacher Appreciation 
    • March 28 & 29 Backpack Club Food Drive
    • March 28 Kinder Graduation Pics
    • April 1-5 SPRING BREAK 
    • April 8 SCC Meeting 11:30
    • April 9 5th& 6thBrad Wilcox Presentation 10am
    • April 12 Mind Builders Assembly 9:30am 
    • April 16 Kinder Zoo field trip
    • April 17 District Keyboarding competition 
    • April 18 Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill
    • April 19 Spring Classroom PTO Parties
    • April 19 Maturation Programs
    • April 22-26 Scholastic BOGO Free Book Fair

Online Calendar: We will do our best to keep the online school calendar updated as well as send out announcements through our weekly parent newsletter this year. You can find the calendar under Upcoming Events located on the school webpage.

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