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Box Tops Collection Oct. 7-11 during lunch

Submitted by sarah.blackhurst on Fri, 10/04/2019 - 12:58

Clip those box tops! The PTO will continue to acccept clipped box tops until they expire so keep sending them to school! 

More good news: You can "double clip" during the packaging transition by clipping the physical Box Tops AND scanning your receipts with those participating items.

Bring in 10 Clipped Box Tops or a record of 10 scans (or a combination of clips and scans that equal 10) for a chance to earn a prize! Use the clip & scan sheet we have sent home for easy collection, please do not staple clipped box tops! 

Download the app in the app store and help our school earn! (see the second PDF for the scan code that will send you directly to the app)