Heidi Whittaker-Parent Consultant

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Heidi Whittaker works for the Utah Parent Center as a Parent Consultant and is contracted specifically with Nebo School District to provide free assistance/resources to parents who have children with special needs in Nebo School District.  She can also help parents who suspect their child may have special needs.  Her role in Nebo is to help facilitate communication and assist parents in understanding options and resources, which may include the IEP/504 process and Special Education Law.  Please click on the attachment for an informational flyer. 

Mt. Loafer Singers Choir

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Do you like to sing?  JOIN CHOIR!

All 3rd-5th graders can participate.  Practice is in the auditorium each Thursday morning at 8am.

Please do not drop siblings off with your choir child.  There is no supervision and they become a distraction.