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What a way to spend the day!  Mt. Loafer students rotated from station to station doing fun-filled activities for field day!  The PTO put together activities that correlated with Dr. Seuss books.  They participated in water relays, hoppity-horse races, squirt bottle tag, wet sponge games, and bounced their way through a blow-up obstacle course!  It was a great day for students and we especially want to thank our awesome PTO!


Mt. Loafer Hershey Track Results

Submitted by angela.killian on Mon, 05/20/2013 - 15:16

Congratulations to the following Mt. Loafer students who excelled at Hershey Track!

Softball Throw

  • Lexi Bishop-1st place, 4th grade girls
  • Olivia Andrus-2nd place, 3rd grade girls
  • Beau Johnson-3rd place, 6th grade boys

Long Jump

  • Silas Wallentine-2nd place, 5th grade boys
  • Cedar Gasser-3rd place, 4th grade boys
  • Eli Adamson-3rd place, 5th grade boys

800 Meter


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We are excited to announce our new Mt. Loafer Student Council Officers for the 2013-2014 school year!  They will lead our school and help the students with activity days, spirit days, assemblies, and serve on different committees.  We appreciate their great example at our school.  They are:  (front row) Taylie Mayfield, Paisley Bills, and McKenzie Graham.  (Back row)  Kyler Holman-President, Taos Dye-Vice President, and Silas Wallentine.


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Things were a little topsy-tervy, roley-poley, and just plain funny when Mrs. Killian met her matches on the mat as she battled the teachers at Sumo Wrestling!  Mrs. Killian promised the classes who met their goal for the walk-a-thon, that she would wrestle their teachers on the mat!  They dressed up as Sumo Wrestlers and grappled to the ground!  There were cheers, and cries of victory from the teachers AND from Mrs. Killian!  We appreciate all the students who worked so hard to help bring money in to the school for this fundraiser, and a very BIG thanks to Mrs.

"All American Me and You!"

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Our very special first, second, and third grade students performed a spectacular spring concert, under the direction of our wonderful music teacher, Robin Brown.  The students sang many patriotic classics, such as, You're a Grand Old Flag, America, God Bless the USA, Fifty, Nifty, United States, and All-American Me and You, plus many others.  Mrs. Brown has been working hard with each class and it showed by the enthusiasm that filled the room! Thanks to all of these wonderful students and to Mrs. Brown for the hard work and effort put into this concert!

April Students of the Month!

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We are so proud to present the Mt. Loafer Students of the Month for April!  These students are doing such a great job helping their teachers, setting an example for their peers, and being great citizens for our school!  Thanks to the following students for all they do!

It's a Wonderful Day to WALK!

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Friday was a wonderful day for our Walk-a-thon!  The students came ready for this fabulous fundraiser, with their walking shoes, shorts, cool t-shirts, and sunglasses! The students walked around the course that was ¼ mile in distance and received certain prizes and treats as they completed so many laps.  There were many red faces, tired legs, but most of all, lots and lots of smiles as they ran and walked for a great cause!  Thanks Mt. Loafer students, and especially Mrs. Betteridge, our physical Education specialist, for putting this all together! 


Mt. Loafer Walkathon

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Friday is our Walkathon.  Our goal is to raise $4,000.

The course lap will be ¼ mile long.  The walking time will be 1 ½ hours; grades K-3rd from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m., grades 4th – 6th from 1:00-2:30 p.m.  Families can come “set up camp” on the grass field and on locations along the course.  Plan to bring folding chairs or a blanket or your walking shoes, depending on if you want to walk with us or watch.  No bicycles or pets. 


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Mt. Loafer students want to show that they believe in being physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle!  In preparation for our upcoming walk-a-thon, our school held their annual club day, doing fun and fit activities!  The students were active playing baseball, running obstacle courses, participating in relays, playing games with the parachute, playing volleyball, and learning about nutrition.  We want to thank all the teachers who planned fun, active events, and especially to our Club Day Committee, Mrs. Mecham, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Naccarato, and Mrs. Bradley.