Mrs. Ewell Teaches Us Courage!

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Our literacy coach, Mrs. Leslie Ewell,  was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery on September 16th.  She will begin chemotheraphy next week. 

Mt. Loafer is using lifeskills as an effort to equip students to face the realities of life.  This week our lifeskill is Courage-To act according to one's beliefs despite fear and adverse consequences.

Pajama Day!

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As part of our Red Ribbon Week, the students were able to dress up in their PJ's!  Students read, wrote, and relaxed in comfort!  Teachers even participated in this day and wore their fun sleepwear!   

Red Ribbon Week...Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It!

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We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week this week.  Red Ribbon Week serves as a vehicle for communities and individuals to take a stand for the hopes and dreams of our children through a commitment to drug prevention and education and a personal commitment to live drug free lives. Listed are some of the activities that we will be involved in Sept 30th-Oct. 4th:


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At Mt. Loafer, we are united in many things, but this year we are striving to be united as a Mt. Loafer Family!  Our whole school took part in becoming family units with students from all different grades.  These family units were then assigned to a teacher.  Our great teachers taught a wonderful lesson about taking care of each other in our Mt.


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The sixth grade students are off to a great start this year!  They began the school year with some great team building activities that taught them how to work together, to value each member of their class, and how to problem solve!  These sixth-graders are our leaders at Mt. Loafer and we appreciate their example!  

Collaborative Culture!

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Have you ever wondered what teachers do on early out Wednesday's?

All teachers at Mt. Loafer are United in the Climb!  United in seeking frequent opportunities to learn from and teach each other.  It is the norm for all teachers to meet each Wednesday to examine student work and use what is learned from that examination to make decisions about instruction.  All...general education teachers, special education teachers, and administration study and learn together.


eBooks at Mt. Loafer

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Mt. Loafer Elementary is fortunate to start an ebook library for our children.  An ebook is a book in electronic format.  It is downloaded and read on the screen. This has been made available to us by the generous donations of the Landon Clark Hughes family.  We are so grateful for their continuing support in funding our school library.  

Parents and students can have access to ebooks at home by following these simple instructions: 

Stephanie Spencer