Fine Arts Contest Winners!

Submitted by larraine.nelson on Wed, 12/05/2012 - 12:13

We are excited to announce the winners of the Fine Arts Contest that was sponsored by our PTO!  The categories are Literature (L), 3D (3D), Photography (P), Dance (D), Visual Arts (V) The winners are the following students:  Front Row—Tucker Mason (P), Etnie Pressor (L), Mandi Alldridge (V), LillyAnn Lee (V), Aspen Youd (V), MacKinley Butterfield (3D).  Middle Row—Cambree Adamson (L), Christian Shuler (3D), McKenzie Graham (V), Jordan Ritchie (L), Brooke Bradshaw (L), Andy McKee (P).

Mt. Loafer Students of the Month!

Submitted by larraine.nelson on Tue, 12/04/2012 - 15:00

We are proud to announce the students of the month for the month of November!  These students have set such a great example for our school and we appreciate all they do to help the other students in their classrooms.  They are:  Front row—Brock Mason, Ben Merrill, Aliza Mason, Aisha Paxton, Trevin Richards, Tayten Banks.  Middle row—Ethan Lemon, Caselyn Grover, Kelton Young, Kaitlynn Swensen, Gavin Rees, Callie Geertson, Preston Wallentine.  Back Row—Sam Spencer, Ammon Wallace, Julianne Steck, Miriam Nelson, Taylie Mayfield, Bryn Riley, Jarel Estrada.

Art Boards From the PTO!

Submitted by larraine.nelson on Mon, 12/03/2012 - 15:10

We want to thank the PTO for helping our school get "Art Boards."  These boards help the students keep the paper flat and in place when the students paint!  Mrs. Bluth, our wonderful art specialist, loves them and appreciates how they help her with all the art projects that the students do!  Thanks to our super PTO!


Submitted by larraine.nelson on Fri, 11/30/2012 - 10:04

The Sixth Grade Students took us back in time to Egypt so that we could learn about pharaohs, mummies, pyramids and the Nile!  The students sang many wonderful songs and danced to some cool tunes!  Thanks to Mrs. VanLeeuwan and Miss Dolman for their hard work in putting this together!  


Submitted by larraine.nelson on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 16:24

Tuesday was a special Thankful Day at Mt. Loafer.  The students focused on people and things they were thankful for.  The students wrote thank you notes to someone they were thankful for and a special committee was formed from the student council that helped create special thank you letters for those who help our school run so well.  The students are grateful to businesses, the PTO, parent volunteers, and many others who help our school!  


Submitted by larraine.nelson on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 16:16

The students at Mt. Loafer had the Great Gobble-Off to see who was  the best gobbler!  The Terrific Turkeys strutted their stuff as they tried to capture the vote of the judges!  The winners are:  Talmage Sainsbury, Alydia Haskell, Brandon Hill, Kyler Holman, Emma Sorensen, and Annie Jones.  The teachers who had the best gobbles were Miss Doman, and Mrs. Bradley!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Netsmartz Assembly

Submitted by larraine.nelson on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 16:00

Our Mt. Loafer Grizzlies had a special assembly where the learned about computer and internet safety.  Ms. Decker, a representative from Netsmartz, taught the students special things to remember when they are using the internet.  The children were able to interact with a special friend, Clickie, who taught them rules and good ideas when using their computers.  

Third Grade Grandparent's Day!

Submitted by larraine.nelson on Tue, 11/20/2012 - 15:50

Friday, November 16th, was a special day for the students in third grade.  It was Grandparent's Day!  Many grandparents came to a special assembly where the students performed many fun songs and had special poems and parts to share with their grandparents.  Thanks to Mr. Bradley and Mr. Huffaker for all their hard work!