Friendship Week-May 9th-13th

Submitted by jill.hanks on Mon, 05/09/2022 - 08:24
Friendship Week Flyer

This week is Friendship Week at Mt. Loafer!  Our school is decorated in a cute Lego theme to help us remind us to BUILD friendships.  You can  chow your school spirit by participating in our dress-up days this week:

  • Monday-Wear a smile!  Everyone will receive a Lego friendship bracelet to wear all week.


  • Tuesday-Mix it up!  Don't worry about matching today. Put anything together and wear it!


  • Wednesday-Wear camoflauge!  Look for others' hidden or special qualitites that make them a good friend.


  • Thursday -One for all!  Each grade level will wear a specific color:
    • K-purple, 1st-yellow, 2nd-red, 3rd-orange, 4th-green, 5th-blue


  • Friday-Connect in color! Everyone wears YELLOW!