Inclusion Preschool Tuition Student Application

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Preschool Flyer

The Summit Center is now accepting applications for tuition students in our inclusion preschool classes. 

Here is some general information about the tuition spots.  This information may change as we get updates from the district.  Tuition for next year is $75/per month for two days a week.  Classes are two and a half hours long and mostly follow the regular district calendar.  (We start a little bit later and end earlier in order to meet our Child Find responsibilities.)  We will accept tuition students on a first come, first chosen basis--with a slight preference for four year olds.

Currently, the inclusion classrooms with tuition spots available are:  Summit, Sage Creek, Rees, Mt. Loafer and Apple Valley. Students do not have to live within the school boundaries to be accepted into the class. However, they do need to live within the district boundaries.  Preference will not be given for students within the boundaries of the inclusion classroom.  These spots are available to all students who do not have an IEP and are preschool age. (IEP placements are determined by the student's IEP team and do not require an application)    

If parents are interested in applying, they can complete the form found at this link:  2024-25 Inclusion Preschool Tuition Student Application. We will send acceptance letters out by June 10th for the first round and then as spots become available.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Carrie or Laura at the Summit Center Preschool Testing Center, 801-489-3021.