Mt. Loafer Crystal Apple Award-Mrs. Eileen Oxborrow

Submitted by jill.hanks on Mon, 02/27/2023 - 12:57
Eileen Oxborrow Crystal Apple Recipient

Mt. Loafer Crystal Apple Award - Eileen Oxborrow

Mt. Loafer Elementary has chosen Eileen Oxborrow to receive the Crystal Apple this year.

Members of Eileen’s team wrote the following about her…

Eileen Oxborrow certainly deserves this award. She arrives at Mt. Loafer as the sun is rising, working in the interest of her students all morning long.  She is an amazing team member.  Eileen is gracious and helpful.  She always thanks her team for everything they are doing, but in reality, she is the one doing most of the work! Eileen is quick to offer help, suggestions, supplies, tools and even songs.  She would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it!  When there is a need, Eileen is there making it happen, even if it is having her husband build shelves or put in coat racks.  Her loving kindness is shown throughout the school as students and teachers stop to chat knowing she will give the time it takes to show she cares.  One of the best things about Eileen is her great sense of humor and her contagious laugh.  She makes students, teachers, and parents feel warm and loved as they interact with her!

Eileen gives 110% to her students, their parents, and her coworkers.  She is incredibly deserving of the Crystal Apple award and we are so excited for her!  Congratulations Eileen!