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The students went all out this year with fun, colorful, and scary Halloween costumes!  As the students paraded around the school, the Mt. Loafer witches chose some that were spooky, fun and creative!  Here are the winners:

Funniest Costumes:  Sidney Eliot,  Gavin Johnson, Maxx Montague, Matt Beardall, Brandon Auman, Josh McKee, and Brad Cloward.

Most Creative Costumes:  Aisha Paxton, Anna Marie Barton, Josie Wright, Olivia Andrus, Stone Cushing, Lily Christensen, Jordan Moulton, Omaya Tyler and Aubrey McCarthy.

Scariest Costumes:  Ty Hunter, Andrew McKee, Sawyer Taylor, Trevan Freeman, Conner Houghton, David Bartholomew, and Annie Jones.