Landon Clark Hughes' Birthday

Submitted by angela.killian on Fri, 09/23/2011 - 14:42

On September 21st, 1998 a healthy baby boy was born to Alan and Dayna Hughes.  The Hughes' had been married for 15 years, and, unable to have any children of their own, had already adopted two beautiful girls, Lauren and Mallory.  But, without warning, Landon died in an unfortunate drowning accident.  Dayna and Alan wondered how they could honor their son and keep his memory alive.  They decided to set up a special place in their daughters' school library where children could come to read and relax, and where the love of reading and learning would be encouraged.

On Tuesday, February 29th, 1999, the Landon Clarke Hughes reading center was officially opened in Mt. Loafer Elementary School library.  At the ribbon cutting, Alan Hughes presented, then principal, Roger Bushman with a check for $10,000, in behalf of the family and the Nebo Foundation.  Alan said he hoped the center would not only help his family deal with the loss of their son and brother but would help both students and teachers at Mt. Loafer with their learning and teaching efforts.  Since then, thousands of students and hundreds of teachers have benefitted from the shelves and shelves of books, materials, and comfortable seating donated to Mt. Loafer by the Hughes' in behalf of their son, Landon. 

Each year, on Landon's birthday, the Hughes family commemorates Landon's birthday with balloons and a gift to the library.  This years gift is comfortable and colorful bean bag chairs.  Thank you, Hughes for your continued dedication and devotion to the education of the children in the Mt. Loafer community and helping to create a warm, inviting environment where children are welcomed to the wonderful world of reading!  We would like to wish Landon Happy 15th Birthday!! 

Pictured:  Alan Hughes and, his son, Creighton Hughes.  Creighton is currently a student in Miss Kerr's second grade.