Mr. Hogan is Moving on Up!!!

Submitted by angela.killian on Fri, 09/09/2011 - 10:39
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Students and faculty are both excited and saddened by Mr. Hogan's announcement  that he will be leaving us at the end of September for a district position.  Mr. Hogan is being promoted to Nebo School District Roving Custodian. 

Mark Hogan has a long history at Mt. Loafer.  He has been our custodian for fifteen years, working along side three principals, hundreds of teachers, and thousands of students. He has been the backbone of our school. Keeping our school clean, safe and functional has been his major concern.   Parents, teachers, and students see him keep the classrooms, halls, office, gym, restrooms, library and cafeteria clean.  He is our super hero because he operates vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, buffers, snow blowers, mowers and power tools.  He assists with fire alarm drills, lock-down drills and earthquake drills.  He checks our security systems, sometimes leaving his warm bed in the middle of the night to come check on the safety of the school.  We have relied on him for emergency cleanups of vomit, blood or the occasional water line breaks.  He has often been asked to help with student projects and special school events. He can cut an apple in half using only his bare hands.  He has been a friend and confident to teachers and students alike.  We are truly going to miss him but we are also happy for his promotion!!  Don't forget us, Mr. Hogan.  We love you!!