Mt. Loafer Artist Hall of Fame

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Mt. Loafer Elementary's Art Specialist is Mrs. Kris Bluth. Kris is an important part of the students education experience. She is teaching that artistic education is part of being a well-rounded person. The discipline, creative problem-solving, patience, and productivity that must be used in order to create a piece of art are life skills that anyone can benefit from learning, particularly at an early age.

Mrs. Bluth will be selecting student art work to be exhibited in the Mt. Loafer Hall of Fame. These artists exhibit discipline, creativity, and patience. Featured artists for October are:

First Grade

  • Alex Cloward
  • Emma Higginson

Second Grade

  • Kirrah Elmer

Third Grade

  • Leah Neria
  • Amanda Jones

Fourth Grade

  • Calvin Crawford
  • Elliot Hicks

Fifth Grade

  • Paige Headman
  • Tyler Levie
  • Bree Hendry

Sixth Grade

  • Kenzie Wilkinson
  • Nathan Meads