Mt. Loafer Students of the Month for April

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The student of the month program is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom.  The student of the month is chosen based on character, leadership, and citizenship, not necessarily academics.  The student of the month must be a diligent student, completing his/her assignments on time, showing strong effort to learn the subjects.  The student of the month demonstrates excellent behavior inside and outside the classroom, is well-mannered, and respectful to peers and teachers.  The student of the month displays excellent citizenship by his/her willingness to help fellow classmates, and demonstrate leadership in integrity.  The student of the month shows character through his/her compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, optimism, and loyalty in creating a positive school environment.  This award is designed to nominate and select students who promote and take pride in Mt. Loafer Elementary School and in themselves. 

Students of the Month:

  • -Mrs. Fabis' preschool
  • Kojo Bird-Mrs. Nelson's Kindergarten
  • Kaiden Howell-Mrs. Peterson's a.m. Kindergarten
  • Ellie VanTassell-Mrs. Peterson's p.m. Kindergarten
  • Brenna Mayfield-Mrs. Bradley's 1st grade
  • Olivia Proctor-Mrs. Grover's 1st grade
  • Abby Haskell-Mrs. Olsen's 1st grade
  • Myles Bartholomew, Amanda Jones-Mrs. Mecham's 2nd grade
  • Mari Paxton-Miss Kerr's 2nd grade
  • Ryan Stevens-Mr. Bradley's 3rd grade
  • Brock Mason-Miss Andrew's 3rd grade
  • Will Geertsen-Miss Dolman's 3rd grade
  • Celeste Cope-Mrs. Hancock's class
  • Megan Dixon-Mrs. Trythall's 4th grade
  • Kyler Holman-Mrs. Turner's/Mrs. McKee's 4th grade
  • Tearanee Jensen-Mrs. Joy's 5th/6th grade
  • Remi Rees-Mrs. Naccarrato's/Mrs. Dewey's 5th grade
  • Josie Presser-Mrs. Brady's 5th grade
  • Malena McKee-Miss Duvall's 6th grade
  • Amber Alldredge-Mr. Applegate's 6th grade