Oh, The Places You'll Go...While Reading!!

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Books can take your imagination anywhere it wants to go!!  The Mt. Loafer faculty and PTO want the students to understand the value of daily reading.

This year, the students are asked to read at least 20 minutes daily.  If the students reach this goal, they will receive a prize.  Please note that the emphasis this year is on reading "daily".  In addition to the great prizes, if students read 7 days per week, they will earn two tickets to be entered in the Ken Garff drawing.  If students read 5-6 days per week, they will earn one ticket for the drawing.  Drawings will held at the end of each term.  The winner will receive a $60 voucher to be redeemed at WalMart for one of three grand prizes: a bicycle, an iPod Shuffle, or a scooter. 

The first grade has a goal of reading 300 minutes each month.  Second and third grade students are to read 400 minutes monthly.  Fourth grade reads 500 minutes, with fifth and sixth having a goal of reading 600 minutes monthly.  Please encourage your children to keep up with this goal and record his/her daily reading on the reading calendar and return it at the end of each month. 

The PTO has come up with some great incentives that will given to all students who reach their reading goal.