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On Tuesday, October 16th, our school celebrated a special day just for our principal-Mrs. Killian!  Mrs. Killian has done such an awesome job leading our school!  Many students had some fun things to say about her:

Kevin Strickland said, "She is nice and a good principal.  She is a good person."

Paisley Bills said, "She's awesome!"

Katie Baker said, "She is always willing to help."

Lincoln Van Tassell said, "She's fun!

Luke Reynolds said, "She's really nice!"

Dylan McEwan said, "She always helps a lot!"

Savannah Sorensen said, "She's always talking to us during recess."

Marshall Andrus said, "I like how she did her hair on Nerd Day.  At recess  she visits with us and at lunch she helps wash the tables."

Taos Dye said, "She never gets mad at me!"

Marissa and Mandy Alldridge said, "She's always smiling and she's nice."

Erin Berrett said, "She's a great principal and very helpful!"