Service By Color!

Submitted by larraine.nelson on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 14:01

Students at Mt. Loafer have worked extra hard this month to do kind acts of service for others.  On Friday they showed what they did this month by wearing the color that represented the kind act.  Students wore black if they did something kind, purple if they spoke kindly to someone, and orange if they kept their kind act a secret!  Here are a few things that students did:

Evelyn Bushman helped her brother with his homework.

Paige Youd gave a friend a hug.

Kiki Wallentine helped  his mom with her broken leg.

Angelica Nelson tried to speak kindly to others.

Hannah Call helped with students in Mrs. Hancock's class. 

Brandi McGhie was nice to her brother and tried to speak nicely to him.

Hunter Newman helped his mom with the dishes.

Hailey Adamson said something nice to her friend.

Kirrah Elmer helped her mom and dad make their bed.  

Thanks, Grizzlies for your kind acts of service!  Keep it up every month!