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Angry Bird Twins! 341.08 KB
Striped Sisters! 296.14 KB
Twin Pigs! 294.74 KB
Double Thumbs Up! 242.96 KB
Perfect, Plaid PJs 270.98 KB
Black and White Buddies 205.86 KB
Basketball Buds 258.96 KB
Pink Pig Twins! 311.2 KB
Colorful Couple! 257.7 KB
Triple Threat! 309.79 KB
A Pretty Pink Party! 213.76 KB
Striped Little Oinkers! 296.41 KB
A Whole Group of Twins! 341.42 KB
Hawaiian and Suspenders! 299.81 KB
Pretty in Peach! 272.83 KB
Blue Triplets 265.38 KB
Triplets With Class! 242.32 KB

February 22 marks the day for TWIN DAY at Mt. Loafer!  Many of the students dressed up the same to show support for good friendship, and looking for the good examples that we want to have and to be like!  The students had a fun time dressing the same on this Fun Friday!