Club Day in May

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Mt. Loafer students participated in the final Club Day for the 2011-2012 school year during the last week of school. The theme was Countries and Cultures. 

To kick off club day, Ed Eyestone visited with the studentbody.  Ed attended BYU and is a two-time Olympic marathoner and long distance runner.   He spoke to us about the experience of participating in the Olympics and what it is like when people from all over the world - different countries, different cultures - come together to celebrate in a friendly, a peaceful and an international meeting where the violence of our world in conflict and terror can be forgotten and a resting atmosphere can settle over the Olympics.

Each student was able to choose which country they were most interested in learning about and spend time becoming more familiar with the traditions, food, games, language, and dress of different countries. 

Thank you, Mt. Loafer teachers, for allowing students to explore the full range of their abilities and interests.