Mt. Loafer Reading Program

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As we begin another school year, we want to make you aware of the reading program.  Each grade level has a different monthly reading requirement:

  • 1st grade-minimum of 300 minutes
  • 2nd grade-minumum of 400 minutes
  • 3rd grade-minimum of 400 minutes
  • 4th grade-minimum of 500 minutes
  • 5th grade-minimum of 600 minutes
  • 6th grade-minimum of 600 minutes

Ways to make time for reading...

  1. Read Over Breakfast.  Encourage kids to take five or ten minutes at the beginning of each day to read before doing anything else.
  1. Have Family Reading Time.  Devote 20 minutes a day to books.  Every family member should read during this time, including Mom and Dad.

Visit Mrs. Waddoups in the Library, she has LOTS of good books, she will help you find the one that is right for you.