Super Learners of the Month

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Congratulations to the following students selected as September's Super Learners of the Month! These Students were chosen because of their excellent academic and citizenship performance in our ten Focused Learning Skill areas. We appreciate each of you demonstrating your super powers at Mt. Loafer. 

Kindergarten: Audrey Bryce, Mya Simonsen, Kensington Gillie, Katie Barben, Jaxon West, Brikelle Grange

First Grade: Ady Miller, Ian Willis, Elinor Barrett, Vance Haslam, Jessie Daton, Kale Summer

Second Grade: Jericho Haskell, Landon Guenter, Trenton Gillie, Berklee Warenski, Dallin Levie, Emika Whitlock

Third Grade: Tyler Darrington, Leah Bryce, Austin Hicks, Avonly Tervort, Mya Hafen, McKoy Grover

Fourth Grade: Sam Wride, Jocie Neria, Ellie Quist, Tyler Crippen, Hailey Nelson, Creed Anderson 

Fifth Grade: (not pictured) Michael Brockbank, Brinlee Stradline, Carley Bradshaw, Leighton Palombo, Alyssa Concoby, Brigham Call

Sixth Grade: Hailey Adamson, Preston Wallentine, Sophia Clark, Jayden Swartz, Shaylee Ryan, Saige Quist


Award Names and Descriptions: 

Bold Batman: Ask questions & problems solves in correct ways

Hardworking Hawkeye: Comes to school regularly with an "I Can" attitude

Helpful Hulk: Helps and supports others & their learning in the correct ways

Ideal Ironman: Sets solid goals, can talk about his/her own learning and how they reach their goals. Seeks and gives good feedback

Successful Superman: Has stamina & learns from his/her mistakes

Thinking Thor: Thinks critically & assesses his/her own learning