Boot Scootin' Good Time!

Thursday, March 12th, was the fourth grade’s annual hoedown and we were wowed with the great dance moves.  Look for yourselves!  Thank you, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Trythall, Miss Harris and Mrs. Turner!

Georgia Hancock Receives Mt. Loafer Crystal Apple Award!

Georgia Hancock, UEI teacher, was recognized by her colleagues as an outstanding educator who touches the lives of students, parents, and other teachers.  

Georgia is always looking for new ideas and ways to help her students learn and have fun.  She always finds the time to help others and to make other people feel special.  Her students are never far from her thoughts. 

February Students of the Month

Congratulations February Students of the Month!!

Jade Martinez, Tiffany Turner, Rachel Turner, Trace Pearman, Anna Cheney, Isabella Svetz, Bella Staheli, Calder Tomlinson, Aleeya Mickelson, Seth Jenkins, Rachel Dinkins, Allison Tuckett. Brooklyn Bruni, MyKenna Moore, Sophia Clark, Tucker Mason, Jayden Swartz, Shonnie Critchfield, Cassidy Burningham, Stephen Strong, Hailey Wilkinson, Alydia Haskell, Ashton Shepherd, Marissa Browning, Rebecca Dinkins, Heston Sullivan, Annie Fillmore, Sadie Evans, Kevin Strickland