Welcome to Mt. Loafer!!


Welcome to Mt. Loafer Elementary; A World Class School!  At Mt. Loafer, we engage, we empower, we collaborate!  We hope you have had a happy and safe summer!   Our first day of school for students in grades 1-6 is Wednesday, August 19, 2015.  School will be dismissed at 2:30 on this day.  Our first day of school for Kindergarten students is Wednesday, August 26th, 2015.  


Flag Lowering Ceremony


In August we gathered as a school and began the year raising the flag on a new year.  The flag flew proudly all year long as students learned and grew.  On the last day of school we gathered again to lower the flag on a wonderful year.  We love our county.  We love our school.  Have a great summer.

Fun, Wet, Field Day!


Mt. Loafer Students cooled off for the day as they celebrated the end of another great year!  The PTO went to special efforts to make sure the students stayed cool and wet as they prepared games and activities that included a lot of WATER!  Students enjoyed the events and appreciated all that our wonderful PTO has done for them!

2015-2016 Student Council!!!


Mt. Loafer will be in great hands next year with the newly elected Student Council.  Officers are: President, Dot Thomas, Vice-President Trevan Freeman, Hailey Wilkinson, Alydia Haskell, and Makinley Butterfield (not pictured).  Student Council members are: Sami Pfaff, Savannah Roylance, Kameryn Hayes, Will Hansbrow, and Maloree Davis.

May Students of the Month


Congratulations to our May Students of the Month:  Gage Beutler, Xander Lofthouse, Isaiah Veatch, Sydni Peterson, Ava Wright, Bryson Gull, Logan Driscoll, Preston Stansfield, Blake Schult, Reese Stevens, Gracie Bayles, AnnaMarie Barton, Sadianne Taylor, McKenzie Carter, Jed Hughes, Alexa Betteridge, Ali Rees, Abby Haskell, Caselyn Grover, Trevan Freeman, Olivia Andrus, Sofi Porter, Aubrey Wright, Landon Powell, Arielle White, Josh Nelson, Emma Richardson, Serra Johnson, Daniel Brinkerhoff

Walk-a-thon Reward Assembly!

The gym was not quiet as students cheered on the red and green bubble ball soccer teams!  Students went to a lot of effort to benefit Mt. Loafer....they walked, collected donations, and brought donations back to school quickly!  As a reward for all that hard work, Mrs. Killian provided a fun assembly where students cheered on teacher bubble ball teams!  So far, $4,300 has been earned by students from the walk-a-thon and more is expected to come in next week.

Mt. Loafer 4th and 5th Grades Participate in Track Meet


On Tuesday, May 12th, the fifth and sixth grades participated at Salem Community Track Meet in short and long distance running races, the long jump and softball throw. 

The participating elementary schools were Mt. Loafer, Foothills, Salem, and American Prepatory Academy. 

The event was organized by Matt Marziale and Salem City. 

Principals and members of their faculties served as time keepers. 

There were many outstanding Mt. Loafer performances.  Results can be found below: