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2020-2021 Mt. Loafer PTO

Facebook page- you can search @Mt.LoaferGrizzliesPTO, Mt. Loafer PTO or click on:
Instagram: You can find us @Mt.LoaferPTO
President- Tara Rasmussen  (208) 201-2772
President elect- Kimber Yeates
Secretary- Tessa Nelson 
Treasurer- McKell Merkeley & Shayna West  

 If you have questions or need assistance please contact our PTO President Tara Rasmussen.

The Mt. Loafer faculty and PTO want the students to understand the value of daily reading.  Books can take your imagination anywhere it wants to go!! 

This year, the students are asked to read daily.  If the students reach this goal, they will receive an invitation to a participation activity at the end of the year.  Please note that the emphasis this year is on reading "daily". Please encourage your children to keep up with this goal and record his/her daily reading in whichever format their classroom teacher has asked them to. The PTO has come up with a great incentive that will be given to all students who reach their reading goal. 

PURCHASE YOUR SCHOOL SHIRTS WITH THE PTO- There are shirts, water bottles and a few grizzly masks available in the front office. Please pay as you take your items or Venmo the Mt. Loafer PTO for payment.  

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