October 2015

School Mascot advertises Carnival!


"Ggggrrrrrrreat! is what the HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL will be" said the Mt. Loafer Grizzly Bear Mascot!  The Mt. Loafer Grizzly Bear visited students today to remind them of the now famous, MT. LOAFER HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL that will be this coming Monday night from 5:00 - 8:00.  (Oct. 26) This event is full of FUN, FUN, FUN with many activities, yummy foods, and a scary, scary spook alley.  Wear your costume and bring the family to join in the fun.  All proceeds will be used to provide wonderful teaching and learning materials for the children at Mt. Loafer.

Walk a Mile and Say Yes to Healthy Living

"Where's the parade? Where's the parade?" said a kindergartener as he began the mile long healthy living walk. A moment later he realized then shouted out with glee, "WE ARE THE PARADE!"  Mt. Loafer students wore exercise clothes and walked a mile together to remind them that saying no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco helps them to be healthy and able to enjoy exercising more fully.