November 2017

October CLIMBers of the Month


Congratulations to the following students selected as October's CLIMBers of the Month! These Students were chosen because of their excellent academic and citizenship performance. We appreciate each of you demonstrating your abilities to CLIMB at Mt. Loafer.

C- Care for Others: Norah Hafen, Farrah Hoover, Bella Record, Easton PAge, Avonly Tervort, Emma Lee, Carson Stevens, Heather Bowman 

Thank You!


A big thank you to parents for coming to SEPs Last month! Thanks to our PTO for the delicious sandwiches, salads, drinks & dessert that were provided during SEP's for our teachers. Also, thanks to our wonderful teachers who prepare so thoroughly for conferences. If you were unable to meet with your child's teacher, please contact them. It is never to late to meet with them.